JSC "Borisovdrev" offers You plywood (unsanded) for general-purpose, mark: glued wood, all-weather plywood.

Sheet sizes (thickness 4-21 mm):

1525x1525 mm,
1525x1475 mm.

State standard 3916.1-96, HS Code 4412149000.



MDF / Medium Density Fibreboard

MDF production is carried out on a completely new and modern production line of the German company «BINOS», that  is a global manufacturer of equipment for the production of wood-based panels and has many years of experience.

MDF is one of the most widely used materials for the manufacture of furniture, doors, wall panels and various joinery, as well as semifinished product for painting and lamination of the plates. MDF production technology is similar to the production of particleboard and fiberboard, although its strength exceeds the strength of the chipboards more than twice. MDF is also an environmentally friendly material that is not harmful to human health.

The advantage of MDF is its hygiene and safety in the home due to resistance to various fungi and microorganisms. This material is easy to assemble and requires no special tools and equipment. Its individual parts can be easily replaced if necessary.

MDF is also notable for its durability, as this material does not warp and does not crack from changes in temperature.



JSC "Borisovdrev" is one of the largest manufacturers of matches in the Republic of Belarus. Our matches are made ​​on the modern equipment of the Swedish Company "Arenko" and have excellent consumer qualities.

We offer our partners the fourth matches format 2/3 filling of the box - 38 pcs.( Technical terms BY6000012256 / 012-2011). Dimensions of matchbox: length - 50,5 ± 1,0 mm; width - 37,5 ± 0,5 mm; height - 14,5 ± 1,0 mm. Dimensions of matches: length - 41 ± 1,5 mm; thickness - 1,6-2,2 mm. Match splints are made of aspen wood.