New technical content of the oldest Belarusian brand

Modernization of "Borisovdrev" promises to be a turning point in the history of one of the oldest enterprises of the Belarusian woodworking industry. Authoritative, well-known in the country and far beyond its borders brand quickly filled with new technical content. This process is closely monitoring how the country's leadership, as well as a wide range of consumers flakeboards medium density (MDF), plywood, matches, furniture products. How to change the market situation for these segments after the completion of a series of investment projects?

For substantive comments on this topic in Borisov went correspondent AAH. "Of greatest interest to our partners, of course, are MDF, - says deputy commercial director of the Andrei Yegorov. - We entered the segment with an extremely high level of competition, relying mainly on new product quality and exclusive technologies. More modern equipment today there is no one profile enterprises in Belarus and neighboring countries. Accordingly, we expect to take thanks to steady sales niche. "

equipment of BorisovdrevV of "Borisovdrev" realized investment project for the reconstruction and development of tile wood materials and logging with the introduction of the complex energy-saving measures. Cost of the investment is more than 109 million euros. Due to its implementation in two years the production is expected to increase in value more than fivefold to Br533 billion. Times increase and export of products (c $ 3 million to $ 32 million) and its share in volume of sales (from the current 38 to 54 %).

In fact, in Borisov it comes to creating a new plant for the production of MDF capacity of 60,000 m3 per year for the "old" the premises. The basis of the technical configuration of the plant is the original line of the German company Binos - recognized world leader in the development and start-up of "turnkey" for the production of wood-based panels and boards based on mineral binders. In addition, the company provided equipment for coloring Burkle MDF decorative printing method (patent, glossy, textured by precious woods - walnut, oak, ash, cherry, and so on. D.). Annual capacity - 30,000 m3.

FaneraV currently no domestic manufacturer or from neighboring countries does not offer products with similar characteristics to the products of "Borisovdrev", in particular, the plates in the thickness range of 2-6 mm at a density of 650-850 kg / m 2. Significantly increased performance and water resistance of the bending strength.

"It is important to note that, significantly expanding the product range, we have not gone beyond the average market price prevailing in the country and in major export markets - emphasizes Andrew Y.. - This is another important marketing advantage when planning long-term contracts. "

New varieties of MDF due to its decorative properties and a reduced weight constructive strong demand in the furniture industry, the manufacture of door panels, including for Aquazone, allowed their operation in areas with a relative humidity of 80% (against 60% for natural wood). Considerable interest in the new product show and civil organizations.