JSC "Borisovdrev" ended the realization of the investment project

JSC "Borisovdrev".

Realization of the investment project is ended


31.12.2014 at JSC "Borisovdrev" the realization of the investment project "Reconstruction and development of the plate wood-based materials and logging with the introduction of the complex energy-saving measures" is over. This project included the modernization of the following facilities:

1. "Reconstruction of the fiberboard workshop with subsequent placement on its premises of equipment for the production of MDF, thickness of 2-6 mm, productivity of 60 000 m³ per year";

2. "Energy source on local fuels, capacity of 52 MW";

3. "Modernization of match manufacture";

4. "Modernization of plywood production with an additional installation of process equipment on the existing areas with an increase of plywood output to 27 000 m³ per year";

5. "Accomplishment and engineering networks of JSC "Borisovdrev".