Congratulations on Victory Day! JSC "Borisovdrev" adjusted release of matches’ limited batch dedicated to Victory Day.

Such a simple and ordinary item like matches, became from the beginning of the Great Patriotic War very rare and strategic product.

Matches, salt and soap ... If any difficulties in our country these goods were quickly sold out. In the terrible and at the same time heroic days the products of everyday consumption disappeared completely.

Indeed, from the first days of the fascist offensive, when match factories in the west of the country (Belarus, Ukraine and the Baltic states) were caught up in the territory occupied by the enemy, facilities for production of matches were not enough. Those enterprises that were located to the east of changing front line, were partially occupied by the release of other products, partially destroyed, partially deprived of raw materials, as the timber was necessary for other front and rear purposes.

The soldiers at the front and rear workers mainly used lighters, which "production" was established by many individual craftsmen. By the way, almost all the warring countries suffered the lack of matches, and everywhere it was marked by the transition to using lighters. But lighters are not able to replace the matches fully, at least for the simple reason that they could refuse at the most inopportune moment. Soldier in the trenches could light from a lighter of his neighbor, and what about saboteur, who tried to burn something of enemy, if the lighter didn’t light up? In memoirs and fiction there are many examples of the guerrillas, who sought to stock up matches. Therefore, the production of matches, although it was shortened, never ceased. Enterprises, and cooperatives at the front and in the rear, that had produced before something else, were connected to production of necessary goods.

Historically, matches since its appearance were necessarily supplied with labels. Initially, matches as unsafe incendiary substance had "instructions for use" and later the information of the company. Later  label became a mass educator and agitator.

It is clear that the matches’ label during the war called for the destruction of the enemy, for the victory over him.

In peacetime, the workers of "Borisovdrev" try to honor a feat of veterans and remind about it. For this purpose to the 70th anniversary of the Victory, we prepared several batches with the image of more than 30 kinds of awards and medals, among which You can found such as the medal "For Service in Battle", "For the capture of Berlin", "For the Defense of Moscow" "For the Defense of Leningrad", "Golden Star", "For Victory over Germany in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945", as well as a range with the image of more than 60 kinds of war weapons, which was used in the fight against the Nazis, and which can be called the instrument of Victory, which shows the 82-mm battalion mortar, 7.62 mm Tokarev pistol, hand grenade F-1, heavy tank IS-2 combat vehicles of rocket launchers and many other things. This range of military subjects are already put into production and will be available to our customers soon.

Congratulations on the holiday, dear veterans! We bow to the ground before You, and wish You good health and peaceful sky!