Our motto: "We keep the good and create the better" or "QUALITY is the KEY to competitiveness and prosperity of the enterprise".

The main purpose in the sphere of the quality is competitive production of MDF, matches, plywood, that satisfies the needs and expectations of consumers, of good quality, reliable, safe for consumers and the environment and at a price that guarantees the demand for the product.

The main goals and objectives in the field of quality:

• Improving the technical and technological level of production;

• Improving the economic situation of JSC "Borisovdrev" by improving the quality of products;

• Development of new products with a focus on the level of the leading manufacturers of analog products in the Republic of Belarus and abroad;

• Staff advanced training;

• Continual improvement of the quality management system (QMS)  of JSC "Borisovdrev".

This object is achieved by:

• Market research and analysis of competitors' products;

• Customer feedback;

• Use of information on new technological developments in the country and abroad and its implementation in manufacturing, constant interaction with suppliers of raw materials and components to improve the quality of products;

• Implementation of system analysis of quality and reliability of products at the stage of production and sales;

• Exercise of personal selection, training and placement so that the manufacturing of products in the production is carried out with appropriate quality and cost-effectively;

• Creation for each performer conditions to improve the skills and performance of assigned work with appropriate quality;

• Maintaining in working order, analysis and improvement of QMS of JSC "Borisovdrev" in accordance with the recommendations and requirements of ISO 9000, as a guarantee for the consumer product quality.

We, the management of the company, have a vested interest in the implementation of the Quality Policy. We commit ourselves to maintain QMS, continuously improve its performance and carry out analysis on its continuing suitability.