History before 1948

Match Factory in Borisov, who later became the basis for the current OJSC «Borisovdrev», was founded in 1901. At that time its equipment consisted of a wood peeling machine, splint-chopper and 3 machines for the lubrication of a match head. Steam boiler, steam engine with capacity of 30 horsepower and a small dynamo for lighting needs were installed. Match factory produced per day 25-30 thousand match boxes. All basic operations for the production of matches were made in the most primitive way. Ignition compound was prepared by the owner of the factory, because it was a big secret, and while no one was allowed to attend. Women from Novo-Borisov, Borisov and neighboring villages worked at the match production. They got half-stuff paper and glue from the factory, and then glued at home boxes, dried it, and brought to the factory.

Along with match factory plywood plant worked, where chairs and chair hacks for "Viennese" chairs, carpenter's levels and grindstones for scythes were manufactured. Chairs were produced polished, smooth and with all kinds of burnt patterns.

Products of the Borisov factory at that time already had been in great demand. They had been sold not only in Belarus and Russia, but also, for example, in Persia (Iran) and Turkey. Gradually for the needs of production a new modern equipment had been purchased to increase the volume of products.

During the First World War, the work of the factory was suspended. Then it was nationalized by Soviet power, and in the mid-twenties of the XX century was renovated. By 1930, new buildings were built, new machines and turbines were purchased. Since 1931, the factory was renamed to the «Proletarian victory». Updated plant could fully meet the requirements of the domestic market in matches, as well as to compete with this kind of products in the international market. In the building of the former factory plywood plant «Red Berezina» was located. It manufactured chair bottoms as well as packaging for the matches from the veneer.

The Great Patriotic War has caused irreparable damage to the entire economy of Belarus. Borisov match factory was destroyed, but immediately after the liberation of the city its restoration began. Government decided to recreate the plant with the same power that it had had before the war.

History after 1948

After the Great Patriotic War, the Government of the Republic made every effort to restore Borisov match factory. Already in 1948 construction of a new plant for the needs of the plywood factory began. First products of plywood factory were made in 1950. In the same year, a match factory was fully completed with equipment and resumed normal activity: until the end of the year 993,600 boxes of matches were produced.

Years passed and the company did not stop in its development: new equipment was bought, manufacturing base was expanded, new types of products were introduced. The result of this forward movement was the output of various furniture and Fiberboard in 1960.

Thanks to the constant modernization of production by 1972 Borisov factory has become one of the largest match producing companies in the country.

After gaining independence of the Republic of Belarus, Open Joint Stock Company «Borisovdrev» was created on the basis of the Borisov industrial woodworking association «Borisovdrev».

Afterwards timber industry enterprise and JSC «Furniture factory of Sinyavka» were attached to Borisovdrev.

Currently, in accordance with the Decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus №529 from 18.10.2007 «On some measures for the development of the wood industry», JSC «Borisovdrev» implements a set of technical re-equipment and reconstruction of existing production. The enterprise runs a special investment program, which is comprehensive and covers the most important technological process stages of production from timber to finished products. Its most important goal is to improve the efficiency of production, the level of wages and social security of workers.