General information

Today JSC "Borisovdrev" is one of the largest wood-processing enterprises in the Republic of Belarus. JSC "Borisovdrev" is part of the Belarus Production and Trade Concern of the forest wood pulp and paper industry "Bellesbumprom".

Since 2008 by JSC "Borisovdrev" measures are being taken to implement the investment project "Reconstruction and development of the production of the plate wood-based materials and logging with the introduction of the complex energy-saving measures". As part of this program, by 2013 the shop of fiberboard has been renovated, production of MDF has been started. Renovation of the plywood production is conducted, as well as the comprehensive modernization of match manufacture. These changes contributed to the constantly growing demand and production of high quality products in the market, its export potential and winning a stable position in the markets, which undoubtedly affects the well-being of the enterprise and the high level of social security of its staff.

Due to continuous dynamic development in recent years JSC "Borisovdrev" has become a diversified enterprise with the production of fibreboard, matches, plywood, timber, sawmilling, furniture, heat energy. The main products of "Borisovdrev" are: production of plywood and fibreboard;

production of matches; logging; sawing wood; heat generation.

During the many years of work JSC "Borisovdrev" established lasting relationships with many partners, both in Belarus and abroad.

The development strategy of JSC "Borisovdrev" in the near future aimed at solving the following problems:

- Increasing in the volume of production and sales;

- Improving of the technical level and quality of the plywood;

- Mastering of modern wood-fibre board production;

- Expanding of the range of products;

- Reduction of energy consumption and production costs;

- Increasing of the use of wood wastes from the manufacture in the fuel balance of the enterprise;

- Improving of the efficiency of production in general, the level of wages and social security of workers.